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Bruce Lipton’s Fab Newsletter about protective and growth behavior in our bodies

Bruce is the author of the great book, “The Biology of Belief”

April 2020 Newsletter

Hello Dear Friends, Cultural Creatives and Seekers Everywhere,

Time Out … a Pause to Reflect

When nutrients are placed in a tissue culture dish, cells express growth behavior by moving to the stimulus and are open to assimilating the nutrition. In contrast, when toxins are placed in the culture dish, the cells engage in a protection response by moving away from the stimulus and closing themselves down to ward off the environmental threat. Growth behavior: Move to the stimulus and be “open.” Protection behavior: Move away from the stimulus and be “closed.” The insight offered by these cells is that organisms cannot move “to” and “away” from a stimulus, nor can they be “open” and “closed,” at the same time. The profound conclusion is that organisms can switch between either growth or protection, but they cannot engage in both behaviors simultaneously.

What position do you think an individual’s “survival” switch would be in response to each of the following two news bulletins: 1) “The annual flu season is back and as normal, there are certain populations whose lives are more threatened.” 2) “The COVID-19 virus is coming and millions may die.” In previous years, you may not have been overly concerned about the report offered in version 1. However, today’s corona flu pandemic, fraught with massive potential deaths, has almost the entire global civilization engaging in a protection response, hiding from one another and “locked down” in isolation. (more discussion about the corona pandemic can be found HERE or HERE).

The greatest of all human fears, the fear of death, is a primal fear and we first acquired it when we were very young children and experienced the reality that pets and people die … and as “people,” that would be our fate too. Once we owned the fear of our own mortality, our subconscious minds have been continuously on the lookout for life-threatening situations, 24-7-365.

The subconscious mind has been given control over our growth-protection switch, and in this role, it unconsciously shapes the character of our lives. Consider the lifestyle difference between lesser organisms that have no concept of death with the plight of humans who know they are mortal beings and will inevitably die. Unfortunately, and in spite of the fact they may be church-goers, most people fear death because they see it as an ending, oblivion. We’re here, we live, we die, and then we’re gone forever.

In contrast, a smaller population holds an unshakable belief in the continuation of life after death. The notion of an “afterlife” promoted by some major planetary religions was intended to assuage the fears of mortality for their followers. However, there’s a catch because the teachings introduce a new fear … an afterlife in Hell. Yet, congregants can be redeemed, “saved” by following a set of “rules,” and consequently be promised an afterlife in Heaven.

Is there an afterlife with a Heaven and a Hell? Simply, there have been no reliable reports from those that have passed. Perhaps this would be a better question, “Is there consciousness after death?” For years, survivors of near-death experiences have reported similar experiences of a continuing awareness, even after EEG brain recordings reveal that their nervous systems went off-line … that they were “brain-dead” while claiming to be conscious.

A new and empowering vision of the existence of an afterlife has been provided in two highly recommended and important books: Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani, and Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Near-Death Experience and Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander. Anita and Eben’s personal stories provide abundant support that our identity (spirit) exists beyond our physical bodies. Their observations conform with the scientific principles offered by quantum physics, the most valid and truthful of all the sciences. As summarized in the prestigious scientific journal, Nature, Johns Hopkins Professor of Physics, Richard Conn Henry concludes, “The Universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual. Live and enjoy.” (Nature 2005 436:29).

Consider this: If we could really be assured that our identity, our consciousness, is an expression of an immortal spirit (perceived as an energy field in quantum physics), how would that change the way we live … and die? What would our lives be like without the looming fear of death? Can you recall the fearless freedom and joy as a child prior to learning about death? Life on this planet is truly a gift, for it is an opportunity to manifest our deepest wishes and desires. We don’t have to die to experience Heaven, for we have the opportunity of creating Heaven right here on Earth! (Have you ever fallen in love and experienced the joy of the honeymoon? … as described in detail in the book, The Honeymoon Effect).

If consciousness is indeed an ongoing immortal entity, distinct from the physical body, the question arises as to how the spirit would interface with the body? An answer to that question is provided in this month’s video, with special thanks to our in-house video shaman Alex. Insights from both modern science and ancient wisdom collectively imply that we truly are spirits and are connected with our physical body (i.e., virtual reality “suits”) via the Pineal Gland.

With knowledge of our immortality, we are empowered to let go of the fear of death and enjoy our ability to truly create Heaven-on-Earth!

With Love and Light,


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