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There is no cure for an RNA virus

RNA is ribonucleicacid. It’s jelly-like and mutating ALL THE TIME, OUR WHOLE LIVES. It makes up 98% of who we are. Our hardened DNA in the nucleus of every one of our trillion cells is not mutable and the geneticists like to play with it, slice it and dice it with CRISPR. It’s not going to stop our natural evolution that is EPIGENETIC and controlled by our OWN minds and hearts. Our evolution is in our own hands. Bruce Lipton and his book “The Biology of Belief” explains all of it.

There is no cure for this Covid19 because RNA viruses aren’t diseases. They don’t need a cure. They need cooperation.They are ribonucleic acid and a dynamic part of the genome. Our RNA is what allows us to evolve as a species. They are a natural part of our world and are microbes that have been here from the beginning. You can’t control RNA as you can DNA. Measles is an example of a DNA virus.

They challenge our immune systems to grow and get stronger and change our DNA eventually. This is all a good thing. The current approach and thinking from the politicians and the media towards the coronavirus is about one hundred percent wrong. It needs to stop! We all need to get this thing in order to form antibodies and many people already have gotten it and have displayed no symptoms or gotten better because they’re just relaxing or they just accept it as part of life. That’s correct. I had it and got through it in November 2019.

Does any marginally mature person on the planet believe that life should always be simple, flowing and easy and that physically we should never have any challenges? The more you are afraid of Life the more it’s going to bite you. That’s old news.

Viruses survive because they mutate. We mutate also. Change is part of life and I am ever so tired of people acting like they should be able to stay the same. That’s called the time warp and they are not good for nature and they’re not good for people who are part of nature.

So if it’s necessary for someone to put a mask on their face and and pretend like they don’t need to breathe and they don’t want to believe that there are microscopic tiny nano particles in the air that they can’t control then they should just sit in their chair with their masks on, not talk and not eat and not be around other humans, fine.


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