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It’s Allergy Season. Let’s Look at Histidine and Histamine

Most people only see histamine with an anti in front of it as in “anti-histamine” that you get over the counter or what the doctor may prescribe for you. Americans tend to be “anti-bacterial”, “anti-viral”, “anti-itch” “anti-perspirant” and host of other things natural that we resist. I recommend you approach your body from what a perspective of what it wants and what it doesn’t want and then do that. To figure that out you need to listen to and be a good friend to your body. After all, it’s holding YOU in it for your benefit.

Histamine is what your body gets when the essential amino acid histidine is metabolized in the body from the food you eat. The source of histamine is most protein foods and even fatty protein foods such as kielbasa sausage, bacon, ice cream and the rest of dairy. But that can go too far as we know in terms of fat calories and sugar calories also.

The irony here is histamine is anti-inflammatory as long as you don’t eat too much of it. If you eat too many histidine rich foods such as I mentioned above; fatty meats and dairy, you could easily develop inflammation in the sinus, the lungs, or the reproductive areas. It’s tricky. But I’m here to say that high doses of anti-histamine OTC or natural herbal medicines are not the remedy. You need to change your diet.

On the other hand, if you only occasionally eat those histidine rich foods that create histamines and then every single tree within a mile of you blooms and then you get heavy rains that produce mold and mildew…you may want a higher dose o anti-histamine. Just don’t keep taking a high dose of anti-histamine just because you’re overweight and eating fatty, sugary foods. That’s not a remedy and any good doctor, straight or jagged will discuss DIET with you first before they put you on any pill.

I’ve noticed my body smells different, not bad or good, when I change what I eat. Try to notice that sometime. If you eat more fruit you’re going to taste sweeter by the way. Ask your dog. LOL.

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