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The Masks Obviously Aren’t Stopping the Spread

The cases are on the rise again WHILE everyone is wearing masks. It doesn’t take much thought to realize they don’t stop anything. That’s because the virus is a nanoparticle, smaller than microscopic.

In fact, they’re causing the rise because mask or not, people wearing them are muzzled which is stressful, and not getting enough oxygen which is taxing their immune system. The masks are making getting and getting through the virus worse. Frankly, I’m surprised they’re not making you wear one while you’re sick in the hospital, it’s that crazy.

The virus is also getting stronger because everyone is running from it. It’s like a puppy. At the beginning it was dealable. I had it in November 2019 before anyone knew about it and for reasons that no one will believe, it worked out great. I’m done with it. But most people are running scared and the thing is getting bigger and mutating. I am seriously sorry for adults who have not gotten it. I’m 57 and have tremendous faith in myself and my body, which everyone hates about me and I take care of myself. They hate that too. The kids I know who’ve gotten it either don’t get sick or barely get sick.

No one would listen to us at the beginning when we said, “Everyone needs to just get it now and let your body build it’s antibodies then the whole species will just get stronger since our immune systems are all connected.” Nope. Everyone had to separate and pretend like it would go away by doing that. It has not gone away but IT COULD HAVE!

It’s not going away until everyone gets it!!! It’s just like every other virus. You can’t escape it and no one would listen to holistic practitioners and very smart doctors who understand the human immune system. We all share viruses.

You better start strengthening your immune system now, lose the fear and take the mask off or you might not be here next month. Stop complying. It’s like spending money you don’t have because the neighbors are spending more money and debt piles up. You better take some action and get some income. In this case your income is YOUR BODY AND A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM which holistic practitioners have been screaming about for 100 years while you hand your wallet to insurance companies and white coats who want nothing more than to weaken you.

Astragalus Root is just one white blood cell builder.

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