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90% of the Body is Muscle and Blood

That is an approximate (meaning not exact) average with variances due to gender and activity level. They threw linear age in there but aging as we perceive it in time is erroneous based on facts.

The medical definition of aging is cellular stress. Cellular stress has nothing to do with time but mindset and personal choices as well as exposure to toxic influences and ELM pollution on the planet that is not within our control yet. It will be though after disclosure and then aging as a medical condition will be a moot point.

Muscle and blood is almost the entire body yet in the sick care industry there are specialty doctors for every other organ but not those. The field of hematology focuses on blood but not blood as the primary energy, power, and healing system of the body. Surgeons and pharmaceuticals are supposed to be the most powerful corrective influences for the entire body yet they are the most destructive. The source of them as treatment comes from the military-industrial complex; the battlefield. There is no healing in war but they developed barbaric treatment protocols from the needs of the battlefield that are still used today. The preponderance on surgery and drugs is dated turn of the 19th century.

You have to take care of your muscles and blood first or nothing else matters. It’s the foundation for all health.

  1. Drink more water than you eat food.
  2. Muscle strengthen and aerobic at least 3X a week. I do some workout daily.
  3. Meditate to keep your Qi straight. You may need some coaching or a class on this.
  4. See a trained Naprapathic Doctor. We specialize in correction of the deep tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon and nerve) especially at the joint complex. We are muscle doctors.
  5. Eat sensible food; I prefer vegan but I’m not preaching it and I don’t always eat vegan.

With regard to the blood, it is QI. The blood/QI needs to be fed. There are key physical nutrients but it is also widely known and practiced to get QI just from the energy around you. Average people clenching on materialism obviously aren’t doing it but it is true that there are handful of people around the world who barely eat and know how to stay alive by honing their QI. It is actually stressful on the body to eat because it taxes the organs so those that barely eat live very long lives.

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