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Impulse Control and Serotonin from Big Think

Thu 10 December, 2020

Scientists urge UN to add ‘neuro-rights’ to Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  // Humans are not the only animals that self-medicate.  // Study: These personality traits predict early career success. //
Impulse control and serotonin
There is a neurological link between serotonin levels and the brain’s ability to control impulses and patience levels. The old adage “patience is a virtue” is coming undone due to new research that suggests patience (along with impulse control) can be linked to specific neurological systems. Instead of being solely determined by our behaviors as previously thought, both patience and impulse control may be something derived from our biology. A previous study involving mice showed a possible link between a lack of serotonin receptors in the brain and impulsive behaviors. As this link has been recently discovered and is not yet entirely understood, the new research team aimed to understand the neurological processes that control patience and impulsive behavior.

That same team of scientists published another study in the journal Nature Communications. This study pushed this theory further by researching the role of the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN)—the part of the brain that contains serotonin-releasing neurons—in mice. It was during this study that they found a causal relationship between the action that serotonin has on this brain region and the patience for anticipated rewards.

Holistic practitioners can use this information to shore up their advocation of deep manual therapy which release serotonin, herbal medicine and meditation that are ancient and have been successfully and safely used for likely 52,000 years to help humans deal with life on the surface. No doubt drug companies will use the info. as well but their motivations are known to be nefarious and greed based and the drugs they develop not very safe at all.

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