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CV2 Will Only Die Once It’s INSIDE the Body

I’ve known this since March which is why I haven’t once worn a mask. Plus I already had it in November 2019, knew it was a very weird virus and killed it with Chinese herbs and meditation. It opened and cleaned up my pineal gland midbrain as well and thus created a competition between my normal 3D matrix sight and accurate multidimensional sight. I’m calibrating the two in meditation since I need both.

A month later the media was blowing up about it. Everyone I talked to in Michigan thought the media was contrived and they were right. When I got better before Thanksgiving I told a friend this virus changed me. She said, “How can a virus change you? It changed my DNA and my sight. I was expanded. My perception was different. Now it’s changed the whole world for good or ill depending on how much you are media programmed.

Masking, distancing and running from the inevitable is only procrastinating which makes an invisible nanoparticle DNA shifting virus mutate harder and stronger. The Swedes never ran from it because they knew that viruses are only finally done in IN the body. Your body immune system is the only thing that kills it! And it doesn’t need a vaccine.

There are so many nanoparticles outside and everywhere that even if a few die outside, and they do, there are plenty more. It’s like running from the sun, air, and trees. Viruses are a necessary part of nature and evolve to survive like everything in the natural world. The virus function to change our DNA so they are necessary. They’re not 3-headed devil monsters. THE HUMAN RESPONSE TO THEM IS. Fear, ignorance, greed, control. Not necessary.

The docs know this so they offer the vaccine to supposedly make your immune system stronger to kill the virus once it’s inside you. Everyone is programmed to believe their bodies suck or are weak so they RUN to the vaccine not accepting THE FACT that the only people who die from it are already sick, or have comorbidity. It has a 99% survival rate on a planet of 8 billion people. That’s the context. Not that many people die from this compared to suicide, heart atrack and car accidents. Not even close.

The media winds up the danger when they choose. The danger isn’t REAL…IF you are actively taking care of yourself which sick care does not program you to do. You would be of no profit to them if you knew the truth of the power of your own immune system, body, blood and mind.

I’m positive I have the specific antibodies but we all have the general ones or people wouldn’t be getting over it so easily. The fact that that’s the case proves we already have the antibodies.

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