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When you Work out the Muscles You Need to Use Your QI

I just finished a personal training session and he had me working shoulders and lats. My shoulders are not very strong but my back is. He upped my weight and I was struggling so I said, “Hold on. Let me get my second and third chakra QI going (to fuel my upper body). My muscles alone can’t do this.” I did it, he didn’t understand what I was doing and he said, “That was great Lis!” I said, “That’s because I got my QI going.”

What did I actually do?

First I secured my grounding through the center of the bottom of my feet by envisioning a gold cord running into the ground. That took one second. Then I realized my stomach and abdomen felt weak because I had not done core for two days so I focused my second chakra to the left of my abdomen spinning hard dark orange and put that visual into my BREATH. Then I did the same thing to the third chakra. I envisioned yellow/gold energy into a deep inbreath and outbreath as I moved the weight and it was much, much easier.

Your QI is not your muscle. Your strength is not your muscle. Your strength comes from the Mind which goes directly into THE BLOOD which IS THE QI through your breath. Then it goes into the muscle and the rest of the body.

So, in order;

  • Focus your Mind on the energy center that feels weak with a specific visual appropriate to the task.
  • Take an inbreath while holding that visual in the Mind, seeing it go INTO the body area.
  • Breath out while seeing the visual move out from the mind and breath into the body area.
  • Do the task in a more relaxed muscle state while activating the QI and the muscle will actually get stronger.

QI and focus makes the muscle stronger, not more muscle fibers. It’s true that your muscles look bigger because they’re filled with more blood but it’s the blood and focus that make you stronger, not the muscle fibers.

If you’ve seen small, thin Qi Gong masters you’ll know what I mean. They have their QI SO focused and condensed that they can break a brick wall with it. It’s not muscle; it’s energy.

The BRIDGE between the focused MIND and THE BLOOD (QI) is the BREATH. It all literally becomes electromagnetic and more. The combination of a Focused mind, proper breathing and blood makes us SUPERHUMAN. Sick care doesn’t want us to know that. I’m not sure stellar species do either and offer us this thing called a “medbed” that you lay on and it cures you? Maybe conscious humans don’t need that. Our human blood is very precious and strong. We can HEAL OURSELVES.

Don’t underestimate what it means to be human. We’ve literally got the power of SOURCE in us fully. Think about that. God is IN YOU-literally.

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