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Posts are coming on TMD; Temperomandibular Disorder

It’s a big long name for a fairly simple problem I’ll be posting about that is practically ignored. The TMJ joint is your jaw hinge joint just below your ear. The Trigeminal nerve innervates the strongest muscle in the body, the masseter which is your jaw muscle. When the masseter develops a muscle adhesion you get nerve root pain to your teeth or ear pain (the cochlear nerve), just like any other joint in the body.

Teeth are a type of bone. All bones have muscle, ligament, tendon and nerve attaching to them. If any of that soft tissue contracts you develop TMD but the dentist tells you need a root canal or need to have a molar distraction and he makes $5000. Just like when the orthopedic surgeon tells you need back surgery near your spine when NO ONE has touched the muscles next to the spine with manual therapy to get rid of the CAUSE of the nerve impingement; THE MUSCLE.

So, I will be posting about the jaw and the TMJ as I get the info. organized. In addition, I’ll show you how to work on it yourself. Start to pay attention now to how much tension you hold in your jaw and where it might be coming from. You’ll need to be able to really relax your jaw to get it to release.

I’ve been working on my right TMJ for a week and my lower right molar root has stopped hurting. It takes awhile to rehabilitate since it’s mostly ignored in all healthcare circles. TMD is a big problem and it’s time it’s addressed via THE MUSCLE.

Stay tuned!

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