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I Got Your Attention on the Vegan Post

I love vegetables and fruits and these are beautiful. This is happy eating to me.

The politics of food eh? I hope I got such a large response on the Harvard Study because of what I posted at the end. The condition of your muscles dictate the condition of your bones, not whether you are vegan or carnivore. Or did some of you like the article because you think it might be true that carnivores have healthier bones? I highly doubt that. It seems to me there was a biased outcome on that Harvard study due to human emotions and cultural norms about what food to eat. Or whoever wrote it was hired by the meat industry.

I have never been one to harp on food in my office and I find the proselytizing about which food you should eat to be intolerable. That’s because I am spiritually and energy focused, not materialistic. I had an M.D. patient who resisted my treatments more than anyone in 20 years and she put her foot down on me about eating meat. I just listened. She said, “People have to eat meat or they just aren’t healthy.” Well, her resistant Mindset to alignment in my office was unhealthy. She had a huge ego and was in my office to try to kick my ass because I’m holistic. Gee, I didn’t see that coming. She was competing with me probably from a sense of lack or hating her job.

Every single person I work on gets better because they want to and they can tell I know what I’m doing. She, on the other hand, came into my office and admitted she was testing me. I should have marched her out the door right there. I found her Mindset to be very rigid. Lesson learned. Patient fired.

I have another patient who is a committed vegan who challenges me all the time also and tries to project being vegan onto me as a righteous choice. It’s clear to me she uses food as a religious object. Her veganism is a spiritual choice that is a righteous one for her. She is also a self-admitted atheist and quite unhappy. There is more to that story but I care about all of my patients but also know my limits as far as affecting their Mindset. Ego based humans are very stubborn and rarely listen. Humans acting from their Higher Mind and heart are not. I have many patients like that and they are truly holistic.

So, it’s interesting that I become a FOOD CONFESSOR as a bodyworker when I personally don’t think food has that much power or QI! Now, if a tomato and some broccoli stood up and started talking and walking I might change my mind, but once they are picked from the earth they are dying and we eat them while they are dying to use what little QI they have left. That’s a fact. Some food has more life source than others and I believe that to be organic veggies and fruit. However, no food has as much life source or QI as your muscles or your Mind do inherently. They are in charge. If your body wasn’t powering you to be alive it’s natural energy could power a light bulb all day.

What is powerful about food is that it’s a type of talisman for your mind, a PLACEBO or NOCIBO depending on your ATTITUDE toward the food while you’re eating it. That’s why the food you eat is a personal choice. One person’s elation at eating a juicy hamburger is another person’s disgust and offense. That is the power behind food; our Minds. That is also the case with the body.

The entire human body has specific types of QI around each Chakra. When you move the entire body and get the blood circulating you are moving ALL of your QI from every chakra. Now that is power. And, you don’t defecate any excess QI because you didn’t use it. When you workout you use all of your QI. Other than laughing and loving sex, there is nothing better for your health than a workout; cardio, muscle strengthening, core, and stretching. Then drink water all day. You’re golden.

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