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I’m Thrilled With All My New Followers

I’ll post this for now since it’s a favorite and very helpful, especially right now. I have to say it helps to delete Facebook from your life. I just did that. Following will be Twitter. My upward spiral goes way up when I sit in my own vortex doing what floats my cork. Third, don’t watch T.V. If it’s off then they cannot program you.

Holism is about programming yourself and listening to your body. There is no other way. Then, lose FOMO, fear of missing out. That one is programming from others or needing social interaction more than you need your own serenity, breath, and enjoying your body and your food. I hang in that space.

I do miss socializing somewhat but I never enjoyed shopping in the store which I will never do with a mask. I shop on an app and have things delivered. I have a few close relationships and my son here and that keeps me buoyed up along with the workouts and getting thin. Patients are steady.

Take a look at this scale. I’m at 7. on the right; content at the moment. I was at the top of the spiral before the lies, lockdowns, masks, election and every other evil that 2020 has brought. Most days I can get up to a 3. with the help of friends.

Welcome everyone, those of you who have just followed on here. I’m thrilled and surprised!

It’s obvious by all the likes on the last post that the vegans are on board and I’m WAY on board with the vegan lifestyle and 100% believe that you can ingest all the nutrients and amino acids you need by eating vegan! Congratulations to those of you who are not controlled by our human blood lust to eat our fellow creatures.

I said that to a patient on my table the other day who brought me this gorgeous, natural chard that one of her co-workers grows in a green house here in Michigan. I may sign on to get fresh deliveries from her. The chard is so dark green and peculiar that it looks alien, grown on another planet. I’m pretty sure if I ate that or kale everyday I’d live forever since they are superfoods. LOL. Add ginger, turmeric and garlic to that and I’d be in my light body before ya know it. So, her response to me was that she thought eating meat was primal when we discussed it. I have to disagree. I think it’s social pressure and habit, being raised with it. It’s sort of like watching gender imbalance in the home between women and men; predator and prey. Humans need to get off of the predator and prey mentality. It’s a type of competition with the delusion of lack or scarcity, usually regarding power. I suppose that is hard wired into our brains, especially with regard to food and sex, the two things we seem to compete over on earth, as though there wasn’t enough to go around.

As I said on here before, I’m still vacillating between vegan and carnivore. I’m going to add a whey protein supplement to my diet that should help with muscle metabolism as I continue to workout and thin down. My appetite is quite big so I need to make some adjustments. At some point, I’m hoping my body will tell me what the deal is.

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