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Maybe it’s Time to Divorce Your Straight Doc and Forgive Yourself

It was a bad marriage and you needed to grow up and learn who you are and what you’re capable of. You’ll see him again if you get into a horrific car accident. They are good at helping with that.

Most people consider holism radical; like being vegan and giving credence to the idea that there are plenty of amino acids in vegetables. That’s the same as considering Freedom and Free Will and the right of movement and control over yourself and your mindset radical. It’s radical to not follow other people; FOMO; fear of missing out where you’re looking at what everybody else is doing and have to be part of it.

Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t mean it’s correct or good for you! Are other people God? Not by a long shot but many times humans act like they are. Vegans understand this. Most Americans are eating meat but they don’t. They’re not following because they don’t want to for many reasons. They’re “radical”. Being correct is radical in a world of error.

If you’re willing to follow groupthink error you probably don’t really believe in Source in the first place. It means you can’t feel yourself, have little spiritual connection bc otherwise you would enjoy being alone and feel that you’re on course and don’t need anyone else to understand or approve. That’s the way I live and I’m thriving while many around me and my patients are unhappy and gaining weight during the eternal Plandemic. Radicals are Truthers with Fire and Truth in both hands.

We disrupt ego and habit by pointing out wrong technique and procedure and facts of nature. There is a right and wrong way to approach the body because essentially it is pure, intelligent energy and intention. The fact that 95% of the 3D body is muscle and blood is the beginning of the truth. It then follows that medical treatment needs to follow the nature of the muscle and the blood; intelligent energy and intention or Mindset. Every practitioner needs to fully understand the nature of the muscle and blood and apply it to their practice. We’re supposed to cooperate with LIFE and NATURE, not others who are not sitting powerfully in their center. How do you know? What fruit are they producing? What is their life really if you observe closely and listen? Money and status are not a gauge.

MOST, NOT ALL STRAIGHTS HAVE FAILED EVERYONE. Our healthcare system has been bankrupt for years now. It’s the height of cognitive dissonance that even though health practitioner techniques don’t work, people keep going predominantly to white coats and chiropractors, and buying insurance TO COVER ERROR! Many people don’t want to change their habit. It’s fear and ignorance and I accept it. I’m not codependent trying to change people that don’t want to change or are not in a teachable moment frame of mind. No matter what you say or do they won’t hear or listen. That’s humans.

The prospective healing and wholeness that would come from seeing a Naturopath Doctor, A Healer, a Shaman, a Naprapathic Doctor (Deep Tissue Manual Therapy practitioner), or a TCM Chinese CMD is too hard psychologically for most people to bridge because then they would have to admit that they were incorrect in their choice of trusting a straight. Their ego and their habit excludes them from trusting and going to see someone holistic who will provide them with success in being healed. But then they’d have to believe in it and they would be “a radical” and their friends and family would call them crazy or a liar because they are healed, whole and well. I’m convinced that’s why many of my most grateful, healed patients won’t give me glowing reviews. “Let’s just keep this quiet.” They are afraid of how it appears socially.

Many people don’t necessarily want success with their body; they want to be right. They want to fudge the situation and tinker with it hoping that maybe, just maybe, the straight will roll the die correctly for them; fingers crossed, since they’ve sunk thousands of dollars into health insurance and not taken care of themselves they should try to get something out of it. The other truth is, the doctor hasn’t done the best for them because they don’t know how. Well, you can’t get blood from a turnip and I didn’t just fall off the back of the turnip truck. Good grief.

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