Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Incredible Reiki Session

I’ve been a Reiki Master since 1999. I was attuned during my 3rd trimester while pregnant with my son so he was essentially attuned also. I’ve been doing Reiki for 23 years. (2023)

I just got done with a powerful Reiki session. It proceeded as normal from first position over the face which is chakra 7 or spiritual seeking from the crown chakra, down to 3rd eye pineal gland mid-brain, spiritual sight, chakra 5, expression and creativity to heart chakra 4. She was all normal and open in all of these.

I got to chakra 3, the power chakra and she started shaking and crying (not hard). Like most people she felt self-conscious but I had given her permission ahead of time to release anything and did so again. It’s part of my job to remain detached and I’m used to it. Emotion is just energy that needs to flow.

I could feel her Qi trying to move down normally to the feet and it was reversed and coming back up which is why her muscles were shaking. It’s a testament to how the muscles absorb emotion which are just another form of thought.The grounding Qi has to go DOWN from 3 at the stomach to chakra 2 at the spleen and the chakra 1 down to the feet. She has a foot disorder also so that is a symptom of misaligned grounding.

The evidence of the Reiki energy manifesting was not normal this time because of the inverted grounding qi. She said she had light flashes and dark flashes around her head that she could see with her eyes closed. Most people just see colors and feel like they’re on a boat which are the two brains balancing.

Then she saw light strobing around her body and she felt very strange as the crying and shaking started. I felt her unconscious mind trying to push through the inverted qi but she had not released enough of it yet. I got the violet flame going in her whole body and put it in her hands so she could work on herself somewhat. In the meantime I had to go back over the previous chakras to keep her settled down. I had plenty of spiritual aid but it was odd.

We finished and I came back in and she said, “That felt really strange.” I said, “I warned you,” which I do with Reiki clients. It’s far more powerful than hands-on manual therapy and people almost always release emotions blocked up. That’s what we’re here for. If you keep it in it will make you physically ill.

She said she felt very different and I told her she looked different; happier. She went out the door saying ahe felt great but she had gone back up into her upper chakras to cope and locked them down. It was fascinating to see.

People know how to close themselves down and go back to their habit until they let the Reiki wake them up. But it has to be done gradually.

No doubt she will have dreams and physical symptoms which I gave her guidance on, but she’s coming back to release her trauma and fully inhabit her body which belongs to her only.

Holism is about body empowerment, learning that you can heal yourself and make decisions about your body that feel right for you, men and women. Your body does not belong to your family, spouse, or employer. It’s yours and I can help you cross the bridge to fully inhabiting the most powerful thing on earth; your CONSCIOUS body which comes from a conscious mindset.

You can be whole.

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