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Learning to SELF-SOOTHE and Care About How You Feel

Our bodies ABSORB all of our thoughts and feelings all the time. That’s why our bodies are in the specific shape they’re in. I’ve seen it my entire twenty two year career.

I and some I know self-soothe by muscle strengthening, others run or cycle, some shop, eat, drink or smoke. There is no judgment. Just do something for yourself that is consistent and be truthful about the consequences. Do something because you want to not because you’re followimg someone.

My clients come in wanting me to soothe and fix them, I do to some extent but I’m also teaching them that they can feel better by focusing on feeling better themselves. Some hear me, some don’t but I seek to find a teachable moment which most bodyworkers do.

I had stopped listening to Abe-Hicks lately but something told me to look her up again. This one is really good because it focuses RIGHT IN on feeling good right where you are, IN YOURSELF, not reacting to the Governors lockdowns, the bogus masks and CNN. Turn all of that off if you really want to PIVOT.

Anyway, watch the video. You may get it, you may not. I do what she says and I’m getting healthier and happier everyday no matter what the world decides to spin into. We only have control over ourselves so that should be where our focus is. IMO this is also the foundation of Holism. Once that is set, unconditional caring and giving will OUTFLOW. It’s UNSELFISH to care about how YOU FEEL and put that first. That is the source of GIVING. There is no other source. So ignore people who call you selfish. They don’t get it yet. No resentment; only compassion on this difficult planet.

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