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What if You Test Positive for Covid19? Don’t Panic. 98% of People Deal With It Just Fine. I did!


Root cause approach strategy to C-O-V-I-D …

It’s a common occurrence now; you, a family member, co-worker or friend have a positive test (and there are many layers to this). Now what do you do?

The majority of those who test positive are not winding up in the hospital, so this post is not for an emergency situation. I’m getting asked this often, so I wanted to give you some Naturopathic strategies to help optimize your immunity, since we know that the immune system is built.

Your immune system is incredible! Give your body the raw materials it needs and it will continue to fight cancers, viruses and pathogenic bacteria. This is all based on your own personal terrain and the materials you offer it. But due to lifestyle, poor nutrition, toxin build-up, stress, metals, parasites and chemicals, these can weaken the immune system over time.

The greatest immunologist is INSIDE you, it doesn’t come from a shot, a mask, a microchip or drugs. Immune systems are not fabricated, they cannot be injected. Strong immunity is BUILT by YOU offering it repairing materials.

Here are my naturopathic recommendations if you are in an acute CV situation OR my recommendations to help you BUILD your immune system for prevention.

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