Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

More Patients Are Coming to See Me.

I’m so pleased to be of service and be here for my neighborhood. More people are seeing my sign and finding my website. I’m grateful.

I continue to get a plethora of former orthopedic patients who’ve had botched surgery when all they had at the beginning were TIGHT MUSCLES or serious muscle injury from blue collar work or equestrian competition or care not taken seriously.

I’ve dealt with more than my share of plates, rods, and screws in people’s backs, but that is not causing the pain. Imagine putting your hands on someones low back and feel the metal, look down and see and feel two huge muscle adhesions on both sides of the low back as big as a silver dollar. THAT’S THE PROBLEM! The muscle is the only thing that can wrap around that thick nerve root and compress the crap out it. Pain. Compression of a nerve root by the MUSCLE. Pain. Not compression by bone, disc or ligament. The muscle, full of blood, IS DYNAMIC and moves.

How is this hard to grasp? Look at the dynamism of any athlete doing anything. Isn’t it apparent that the muscles are doing everything? Supporting role is played by organs and skeletal system.

How is it then that OUR ENTIRE SICK CARE SYSTEM PLACES THE PRIORITY FOR MEDICAL ATTENTION on every other piece of the body except the muscle? Medical…attention…to the care and maintenance of muscles needs to be at the top of the heap. Massage therapy isn’t cutting it. You can’t use oil and treat the deep tissue properly without hurting the patient. Turn off the T.V. and put down the oil bottle! It’s up to the schools to teach it.

If that took place, all the other specialists would fall away and entire medical schools would have to reorganize around muscles and blood. Aw shucks. Throw water and herbs in there and big pharma would be exiled. Aw shucks again.

The Human Body has Super Powers. We can change our own DNA and heal ourselves. I’m doing it.

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