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Don’t Let an Orthopedic Surgeon Hustle You in His/Her Office

Within the last month I’ve heard three complaints about orthopedic surgeons from my patients. I talked to a new patient yesterday who had the assistant pull her into the office to set up a surgery appointment without even telling here that was their intention. She had a feeling it was tissue trouble and neck surgery was overkill. It may or may not be. I’ll find out next week when I get my hands on her and read the reports. Still, the communication and respect of her as the patient was lacking.

I exist as a deep tissue expert of twenty years to help people avoid orthopedic surgery if possible and I do extensive tactile exam and pain and tension findings as well as read their MRI and radiograph reports to be sure I can help them at a cost effective fee before I begin.

Cost effective meaning my fee to get them to zero soft tissue trouble is low compared to what they would pay in co-pays and health insurance cost for surgery. It makes sense to see me first. I’m basically an orthopedic bodyworker or orthopedic manual therapist. I can and do stimulate healing of bone, disc and soft tissue attachments by moving the muscle and blood right next to it. Since the CONTRACTION and injury of said tissue is the cause of the trauma in the first place it makes sense to treat it first rather than cut the body open with long recovery times and questionable outcomes according to the stats.

The exception is serious trauma to the whole system such as an auto or motorcycle accident where they have to put you back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

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