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Stress and Adaptation to Change

The definition of aging is cellular stress and as we all know, our entire body is made of specialized cells. What does evolutionary biology have to say about adaptation and our health? A activist just posted this on Twitter today;

“Chameleon’s adapt to their environment. They change colors, shape, and form to blend into their surroundings. Lions make their environment change to them. They stay true to who they are. The only question is. Which one are you?”

Lions do not make their environment change to suit them. Here is a science link proving it;

“Lions have adapted strong, retractable jaws and rough tongues to help them eat their prey, and lions that live in particularly hot environments have adapted to stay cooler in the heat.

General Adaptations (I quote from the science article)

All lions share certain traits that the species developed in response to environment. Their tan color allows lions to blend in with the savannas, open woodlands and deserts in which they live. Long, retractable claws help lions snare their prey, while rough tongues make it easy for them to peel back the skin of that prey and expose its meat. Lions primarily hunt hoofed animals, such as zebras and wildebeest, so they have developed loose skin on their bellies that protects them from the frantic kicks of their prey.

The Mane Example

In a given region, the male lion with the largest mane is likely to mate with more females and sire more offspring than his mildly maned counterparts. While it has long been thought that mane characteristics are passed along genetic lines, research has shown that environmental factors, such as local temperature, can influence mane growth. Lions living in colder climates tend to grow fuller, more attractive manes. Lions living in hot climates — such as Tsavo, Kenya — have adapted to grow no manes at all.

Vulnerabilities of Being an Aggressive Lion;

“Wild lion populations are plummeting. Conflicts between lions and humans are increasing rapidly as more African villagers take up farming and claim lion habitat as their own. Villagers who once shot only nuisance lions are now poisoning entire prides to ensure the safety of their families.” The lion is vulnerable to humans with a gun as is the case with most animals. Smart humans invent tools to defend themselves. But there are tools other than a gun with which to defend ourselves.

For instance, evolutionary biology (the environment) has helped women evolve higher communication skills that are not aggressive but set boundaries with predatory males who are stressed. The one particular communication from a female is a simple one; “No”. A “no” from a female who is receptive and physically weaker than the male is extremely potent as long as she remains calm. A predatory male wants a particular female sexually “his way in his timing”. If she says “no” but still pays attention to him, most reliably he will continue to pursue her. In this way, the female is defending her right to be who she is, to have her needs met as well and thus there needs to be cooperation or adaptation on the part of the male and the female in the HUMAN species for things to be peaceful. If he doesn’t, let’s face it, there are plenty more males who will pursue her. Males are the ones who have a shortage of alpha females to pick from; ones who are very smart and strong. Beta females, like males, are a dime a dozen. The point at which one INSISTS on dominance spells the end for that individual. An alpha female compromising by taking on a beta male will spell her doom also. She will thrive much better by herself and studies have proven this.

Humans need to cooperate and adapt or it will create stress and conflict and shorten their lives. It’s a choice. The patients I see verbalize more stress from being with or not being with the opposite sex more than any other issue.

A lion with too big of a “king of the jungle” complex isn’t going to survive. They have to adapt or else. The same goes for big ego human males that cleave too tightly to their predator brain due to feeling the need to defend themselves all the time. Humans are not lions or chameleons but depending on the situation need to use their traits. We have different levels of mind with which to make peace or it affects our physical bodies; unconscious, subconscious and conscious.

Females, and there are many, that are on top of taking care of themselves, make a grave mistake cooperating with a beta male and letting him in to her territory even for dating. Yet our society has socialized women to be very co-dependent, to doubt themselves and to give away their power or be socially punished. Well, the self-inflicted mistake of taking in a man who refuses to take care of himself or cooperate with you is worse. Let the social thing fly. You can just ignore traditionalists.

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