Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

The Three T’s; Treat, Talk, and Test

This a very faulty, unnatural system but people are very used to it while being enveloped in fear of it. Rightly so. Then they run to me to avoid it when they haven’t lived holistic lives or acted on those values before. Their motivator to make a correct choice is fear. That is good instinct because usually, you don’t need surgery or drugs.

But that has to pivot to a positive understanding of what your body does need and having more faith in your body than in a doctor. That is taboo and freaks people out. It’s a type of psyop on this prison planet.

In addition, the talking and testing stops in my office. I easily read CT and MRI reports all the time and I’m unimpressed with their lack of understanding regarding how the body actually works.

Bones, discs and facet joints can’t hurt. Radiculopathy and neuropathy are caused by acute or chronic MUSCLE contraction or injury. The soft tissue of the body is the only thing that registers pain because the nerves run directly through them. The nerve roots run directly into the muscle and the rest of the nerves run through all of the soft tissue and the organs. The vertebral foramen of the vertebrae don’t even naturally touch the nerve. The nerve is activated when it hits the tissue.

I have phenomenal success because your time spent with me for which you pay a fee is TO TREAT. My manual therapy Reiki hands are on you, getting your qi moving and then teaching you how to move it yourself. The blood is qi.

Healing and changing the negative habit and DNA in the body means you have to actually DO something different. There are plenty of other therapists who will let you talk your ear off and listen and practitioners who will run expensive tests, but the bottom line is dealing with what is right in front of you; FLESH AND BLOOD. Most practitioners skirt around it because it scares them. Human truth of flesh and blood is powerful and bodyworkers know it well.

Flesh and blood are about LIFE and free will, not sex. Just because bodyworkers put their hands on people doesn’t mean we’re thinking about sex. The men are but we never are. We’re treating and relieving pain. Never, ever go into a bodyworkers office with less than an intent to receive medical treatment or you will end up under the doctors’ knife or kicked out of my door.

We’re not talking, testing, dating or having a friendship. We’re medically treating. Focus please so you can get better.

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