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Spinal Alignment Doesn’t Matter

Tendons attach many muscles across joints, allowing muscle contraction to move the bones across the joint. Muscles generally work in pairs to produce movement: when one muscle flexes (or contracts) the other relaxes, a process known as antagonism.

Bone follows muscle. Muscles do not follow bone. It’s an indisputable. biological fact that needs no discussion. By keeping the muscles strong and MEDICALLY taken care of, you also are taking care of the skeletal system.

Muscle alignment , tone, and expansion of the muscle via blood flow are what matters for good health. It’s like RNA evolving and changing in the body. Your immune system hinges on the natural flow of RNA to ADAPT to biological changes on the planet, like now for instance in the face of Covid.

There should never be any circumscribed control of RNA in the body just as a human being should never be confined or enslaved, in chains, unable to move. Unless you’re into that kind of thing like being chained to your T.V.

Movement is endemic to life whether it’s the muscles or RNA. Ponder the fact that they are both soft, squishy, and wiggly, like a woman, receptive and ready to go almost all the time. There is little rigidity if any and like the power of water that carves out the Grand Canyon, it dissolves anything rigid that gets in the way. Just sayin’.

DNA is rigid, bones and discs are rigid. Ligaments are rigid. It’s about 5% of the body and that’s what scientists like to play with and doctors like to cut but they won’t touch the wiggly stuff with their hands which is 95% of the body and life itself. It heals everything and I’ve been doing it for twenty years. It would make them feel too vulnerable, too receptive, too much like a woman.

We have an unconscious psychological issue here based on gender perception. The elephant in the room that no one will talk about is how powerful women, muscle and blood are on the planet and how threatening that is to a male ego which dominates the medical profession and most institutions with their rigid technique and tools.

Let it end then. Boycott them. The sick care system is a failure! We need a healthcare system dominated by healers, herbalists, shaman, Chinese and ayurveda medicine. The others can be 5% of medicine in an emergency and that’s it. Life isn’t rigid and aligned. It moves and is adaptive and malleable as God intended.

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