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The Censorship of Healthcare Practitioners Is WAY Past Going Too Far

Might be just me but if anybody gave me any guff I’d give it back double. But if many are hiding in the shadows for a paycheck and just now are coming out instead of speaking up in March 2020, I don’t feel too sorry for them honestly.

I wouldn’t complain. I’d just state the facts of what happened and cut to the quick anyone who was incorrect. You have to. I told the MI Governor she was wrong in April 2020 and I reopened my office! I didn’t ask her for permission. Why would you ask permission from someone who is wrong? Then she proceeded to get more wrong and everybody screamed. Too little too late from the MI Republicans. Then she emailed and said, “Go ahead. You are a necessary service.” and in fact I am. I didn’t sit there and take it.

If I decided it was worth it, it would be war…TO WIN! That’s what people who are right and telling the truth have to do. We need to be warriors and get all over it.

This is a huge health and safety issue. We have to listen to the smartest people out there, not obey the most CORRUPT big pharma and the governments who just try to scare you being the psychopaths that they are. My patients know I don’t support any of this, from the beginning; March 2020. My head blows off thinking about how unsafe this is for children. DO NOT vaccinate children or young people for god’s sake.

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