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Feelings and the Body

Most people know that if you ignore or repress your feelings and never express them, which could be considered acquiesciing to them, you will get sick and possibly trigger a serious illness.

We’re not A.I. robots and are not meant to be because we have blood and a soul. The way the soul expands, which is how we grow, is by being stretched open from passion that is truth for you. Truth is a good thing no matter how bad it is because it’s in the past. Let it go. Create a new future.

Passion is a profound creative force that makes us human and emotions express our souls through art. Our souls are what create our bodies and regulate our DNA with all life around us. Our feelings about life around us are what makes life meaningful and not boring or a drudgery. You can get the most work done when you have passion for it while doing it. Whistle while you work is an example and I find it telling when people hate others happily whistling. I love it.

Whipping and crucifying yourself with logic and control is sadistic and unhealthy. Many people do this because they have no self-worth from childhood trauma that defines them. They haven’t forgiven their parents and don’t know how to do it or won’t. They repress it and so can’t release it. It could be from ritual abuse or sex abuse.

Logic is good but not all the time. It’s not truth…at all, and truth is the most powerful agent for transformation. Don’t lie and be logical all the time. No matter how healthy you appear it will make you ill.

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