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Even if You’re Fit and Workout, You Have to Get Rid of Severe Muscle Adhesions

I’ve observed that people who work out accept muscle and connective tissue pain when they should not. It’s one of the reasons swimming tends to be the superior workout, except for the chlorine which is toxic. I don’t swim for that reason.

I have a patient who is 75 and has worked out his entire life, he’s very cut, good weight, hydrated, active and happy. You would think he would have gotten to this point and been able to keep all of his joints. Not happening. He has scheduled his right knee joint to be replaced and is getting a CT scan to verify. Whether it shows a completely deteriorated knee joint or not, the doctors will convince him of it because he can’t bend his knee when he stands up until after several tries. But he walks just fine, and fast. So the completely deteriorated knee is not making sense to me. I feel it’s the lack of blood flow from the muscle to the knee. The bones rely on the tissue for everything they need but no one wants to talk about it. My analogy is men needing women, not women needing men. Women are the soft tissue and men are the bones. Bone follows muscle. šŸ™‚ It may have gone on too long and be arthritis, but he just told me he can walk much better since I’ve released the muscle.

I am ambitious and know that my treatments can keep people out of surgery and do, but not when you’ve let a leg muscle turn into a stone slab to the point where there is no blood flow and thus no joint fluid flow to the knee joint. That is what happened.

I’ve gone ahead and gotten into his leg and it’s really, really bad. The gastrocnemius muscle has been locked up for a long time. Why did he let that lie? Don’t let any chronic muscle pain sit there and say, “No pain no gain”. While you’re working out it might hurt some but it should not hurt when you’re sitting still and when you stand up.

The CAUSE of joint pain and lock up is muscle and connective tissue misalignment and that can be due to muscle trauma, dehydration or weakness. Then lack of circulation and low on the nutrients it needs which could be poor diet. Potassium and magnesium come to mind. You need to eat a big salad with some dark leafy greens everyday unless you don’t mind joint replacement surgery.

Every person I know who drinks too much or eats out all the time has to get joint replacement eventually. The other cause is being addicted to working out and overstressing your discs and joints.

There is a balance to be struck in all things.

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