Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

The Jab

Do whatever you want as long as you’re sure you’re informed from extremely intelligent healthcare practitioners who are not going to profit from vaccination one way or the other. The focus in my office is muscles, relieving your pain and increasing your range of motion, not controlling the evolution of your DNA.

There will be no discussion in my office regarding vaccination. My last post made it clear what my position was with informed documentation from Collective Evolution. I’ve been attacked twice today from former patients either in text or email. That’s fine. I’m a leader not a wall flower and I let the hits roll off my back because I’m very confident in my work, intelligent, as well as successful. My phone is ringing off the hook.

I am part of the holistic solution to the psyop programming people in MSM that their bodies are deficient and either need immunization or a new shiny di-arthrotic joint. No it doesn’t. You’re not a car. Your body is hooked up to the unlimited power of the Universe and it’s time everyone woke up to that. But if you don’t, that’s your choice.

Nevertheless, in this office, Reiki is running higher than ever, patients feel it and feel like new people after I’m done and are ever so positive and grateful. My life and work have thrived since March 2020 because it’s finally time for Light workers and Healers to lead. That’s the energy in this office. Come if you are ready to contribute to that, learn about it, or benefit from it. If you come to harass me or fight me I will show you the door quickly.


Lisa T.

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