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Bone Injuries Knit. Muscle Injuries Do Not

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Please listen as THIS MYTH needs to be dispelled. I’ve worked on serious muscle injury and trauma in my office for 22 years so you can think I’m wrong on this but I’m right.

Patients come in wanting me to correct 30, 20, 15, 10, and 5 year old injuries that continue to hurt them. They accept it as normal until they see my website. I can balance it over about a year or so but you have to do what I tell you to do and it’s not inexpensive. It does cost less than health insurance and surgery though which will make it worse.

You’ve heard many people say that a sprain (ligament injury) takes longer to heal than a fracture and that is absolutely true. Sometimes it’s never the same again. That’s because ligament, tendon (a strain) and muscle injury HAVE TO HAVE HANDS ON MEDICAL TREATMENT TO HEAL. It’s like a baby needing it’s mother to hold it or it will die.

The needs of the flesh are not the same as the needs of the bones. In fact all the bones need are the muscles to move them and keep them useful. That’s the only way your bones will stay strong. They rely on strong muscles which intimidate most people and are medically ignored by the doctors.

I think the bone doctors have a mystical belief about their power because of the spine. It is true that the spine is referred to as a mystical column of consciousness and along with the brain composes the CNS but that’s only half of the story. I do believe the bones have a certain type of QI since our blood is made inside of them.

There is an obsession with bones as though they rule the body. They do not. In fact they are at the bottom of the totem pole.

I have had numerous patients and friends disagree with me about the fact that bones can’t hurt because they don’t logically understand their anatomy. They can’t hurt because the soft tissue called NERVES do NOT innervate or flow THROUGH bone tissue.

There is a bit of soft tissue inside a joint capsule but the bulk of soft tissue is attached to the joint not IN the joint. That is what feels pain. Thus Naprapaths focus medical attention there, where it should be.

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