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Question the Use of Melatonin as a Sleep Aid

Melatonin is a natural hormone made by the pineal gland in the midbrain. The pineal gland is a hot topic right now as humans are to get that cleaned up and humming for remote viewing and becoming more telepathic as we evolve forward here from jungle level. We all make it naturally. The belief is that the output of melatonin is compromised by stress, Rx abuse, or street Rx abuse, S.A.D. changes in the light and more. The poor energies on the planet from tech and satellites aren’t helping either. There is a myriad of causes for insomnia.

I had trouble going to sleep when I hit menopause. But then I started working out and losing weight and still had a hard time getting to sleep.

I recently learned that science has not studied the long-term effect of using 3, 5, or even 10 mg of melatonin regularly! The guess is it eventually causes dementia. That’s quite a guess and is just irresponsible to be recommending synthetic or animal melatonin when you don’t have facts on the side effects. Par for the course with straights. They’re always guessing.

You are not to use more than 5mg by the way. I’ve been using it with no break for too long and I do feel it’s affected my pineal gland/brain/eyes. It spins way too hard so I’m going off of it. It does say on the label to take a break from it after 3 months and I did not get around to finding a substitute. I tried the CBD gummies and they did nothing.

I found a substitute; THC gummies. They work like a charm. My son first gave me a Sativa gummy, 10mg. That was perfect. Last night I had an Indica gummy, 10mg. That one was stronger and I dropped off immediately but it was too strong I think. I slept 11 hours! I will go back to Sativa.

I don’t believe you can get them online yet but there are many medical THC stores popping up, at least in Michigan. I highly recommend going the herbal route and staying away from big Rx. That field is a disaster as far as I’m concerned, especially after the vax, and there are many fine herbal substitutes, especially with Chinese medicine. The other issue is if you drink more than a cup of hard liquor or beer daily, you have to tell your Dr. You can’t combine alcohol with most hard prescriptions. It can kill you, so do tell your Dr. the truth or just don’t take Rx drugs. Use herbal medicine and Google the contraindication or ask a pharmacist.

If you feel you have to drink every day, you may be self-medicating and need to get checked. Alcohol isn’t medicine. I’ve noticed that my patients who are OCD, anxiety, ADHD, autistic borderline, or manic-depressive tend to want to drink. They’re trying to calm their brain down or balance it.

I recommend meditation, breathwork, and deep tissue work/Reiki for all of that as well as exercise and water. Alcohol destroys every cell in your body over time.

This is not the brand I use nor am I vouching for this one. It’s just a picture.

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