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Hands of Light. A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

I was brought into the Lightworker fold by the Universe in 1988. They laid it on thick in my dreams, events, intuitions, books that landed in my mailbox in Chicago that I didn’t order, and more. I bought this book in 1989 in Chicago and read and studied the entire thing before I had my son 10 years later and was attuned to Reiki Master level in 1999. I’ve been at this for 33 years not counting the years of my youth when none of this was strange to me. I was born into this information, already knowing it and knowing that I was on the planet to share, teach and do it no matter what.-Lisa Townsend

Transformation and Self Responsibility

“You and only you are responsible for your health. If you have a physical problem you must make the final decision to follow a particular curative program. Only with the greatest of care should you make these decisions. To start, you choose from a vast array of help available to you. Whom do you trust? How long do you follow a cure when you cannot tell whether or not it is working? These questions can only be answered from your deep searching for what is right for you.

If you don’t trust a dignosis, there is nothing wrong with a second or third opinion, or another technique altogether. If you are confused about what has been said to you about your particular ailment, research it yourself or ask the doctor more questions, find some books, learn about your dis-ease from all angles. Take charge of your health. Most of all, do not let yourself be limited by a negative prognosis (it’s hexing). Rather take it as a message to look deeper into yourself and wider into the available alternative methods. Standard western medicine has some answers that might work but many times do not work or make the situation worse. If it is not efficient in curing a certain disease, then look elsewhere. Cover all bases. You will be surprised about how much there is to learn about yourself and your body. The search will change your life in ways you would nover expect. I have met many people whose illness has eventually brought them great joy, a deep understanding and appreciation of life and the fulfillment they were not able to achieve before becoming ill.

If we can only change our attitude toward illness to one of acceptance and understanding that it is a message to be learned , we would alleviate a great deal of fear that we have about illness, not only on a personal level but perhaps on a national or global scale as well. Self-love is the greatest healer and self-love also requires daily practice.”

Hands of Light, Barbara A. Brennan

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