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Illegal CV2 Mandates

No matter what the mandate is with regard to the body, it’s illegal. The rights of our bodies belong 100% to us. If employees and citizens keep following illegal mandates for attending public events, they will never stop mandating them, they will never stop releasing new viruses, they will never stop harassing humans. The agenda is control by their illegal and irrational authority.

FACT: The masks don’t prevent anything and neither does the vaccine. Both make people sick in fact.

They will realize that they have humans in cages and they will be right. If you keep obeying, they will line you up to jump over a cliff to your death and you will obey. When I see a person wearing a mask I conjecture that they are suicidal and scared, ya know, in a hip way. It is a slow death of the soul via giving up free will. It’s all the rage.

It says right on the box of paper masks that they do nothing to prevent the spread of a virus, yet so many employees are still wearing them in every retail outlet. Get a different job! Boycott companies that require maskup!!

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