Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

Another Successful Reiki Attunement

Sunday is the day I hold my Reiki Studio for clients that are ready to be their own lightworkers who then become of service to others and teach them to do the same. I’m at a point in my practice where I’m wishing for my patients to NOT have me on a pedestal, “Lisa I need you” and say instead, “I need to do Reiki on myself”. Everyone has the ability to self-heal. You just have to be willing to focus and use some discipline to do the work instead of needing to be dependent on others. That seems to be the rub. If you’re stuck in subconscious programming then you still function somewhat as a child wanting a parent to fix it for you, thus we have our dysfunctional society. We use the Raku symbol to empower the client and cut the cord.

The reason we empower ourselves, love ourselves, and do the work with discipline is so that we can bring others into the light, mind-body-spirit. They are all one. Reiki embodies this perfectly and it was a great attunement yesterday. Grand Rapids needs a community of lightworkers as we go forward with the earth changes. All of our institutions that have programmed and controlled people for millennia are going to disappear like old relics in the next decade. We will take their place as a collective. Your choice is to up-level your spirituality or leave the planet. The planet is turning upside down.

Reiki II is a bit more demanding because you will learn 5 new symbols that focus your mind on a light ray that is literal during the Reiki Session. Symbols by themselves have no power. They are a type of talisman, like food, a rosary, a stone, a statue, and all material life on earth, to focus THE MIND which has tremendous power. In fact, the Mind is the dominant power as far as our lives on earth. The focus of your mind transcends money, food, the earth, and all things that appear dense. All things that appear dense are not dense. Quantum physics teaches that they are 98% empty space. See the book “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra. What makes them take form and appear to most of us as they do is our groupthink. Our collective mind agrees upon certain things to help things run smoothly but what they actually are, are beliefs. When the mind believes in something it manifests, it becomes literal. Scary? We all know this to be true because we see it in our own lives. This is how habitual thought forms and feelings become illness or health in the body.

My body and mind and my patient’s bodies and minds are changing quickly. This is a pivotal time on earth not to fear, but to revel at the end of institutional corruption of State and Church, safety for our children, the END of A.I., and a healthier planet to enjoy. It’s not going to happen overnight but as far as I can tell, most people are absolutely done with the B.S. and want to live a higher quality of life. We have to do it ourselves and work together. There is no altruism from the institutions. They are not on our side and it should be obvious by now. We’ve been letting them use us because we don’t want to do it ourselves. There is a steep price to pay for that; our bodies and our health. Time to leave home and explore the world for ourselves. The Universe has our backs.

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