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Heart Health

Here goes the focus on food again at the top of the list for heart health. I disagree with food focus. Get your vibe straight and truthful and the food will follow. I eat very well because I love myself, not because I’m obedient to a food religion or feel guilty.

The most important thing for your heart is that the heart chakra is open and spinning but not too open so that you’re crying too much. I’ve seen that in patients. It needs to be about a 3 inch circle and practioners can feel it or use a pendulum to check it.

It’s also vital for the heart to forgive those you feel hard about. Cut the cord and accept that that person is no longer a good fit in your life and drop the judgment and expectation of them to be any different. They go their way, you go yours. Then forgive yourself if you made the mistake of hooking yourself to them. Or…did you learn something? Then it happened for a reason.

Also, joy, laughing and dance keep the heart healthy. Thoses are big powerful vibes. Much bigger than food.

Your focus and vibration control your appetite. The foods you want will change when your mind and emotions change. If you ascribe behaviors to your life that don’t fit with your soul condition you won’t follow through. Or, you can force yourself into a prison of proscribed behavior and repress your true desire and make your heart vibe worse.

Meditate and tune into your body, listen to it as far as what action will arise next.

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