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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Have Been Around…

Please read at this link.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria have killed 10 million people worldwide. That’s not alot in the context of 8 BILLION people on the planet but it’s far higher than the damage viruses do, especially this last one which was in fact NO BIG DEAL as nobel prize winning scientists said at the beginning.

The PRESS and the Democrats made it a big deal in people’s MINDS through programming and lies, not facts and continue to because it’s part of their political strategy to win an unwinnable election for a party that relies on media control, hate, fomenting racism, dysfunctional victimhood and divide and conquer strategy. There is no empowerment OF THE HUMAN BODY AND MIND from the left. They require obedient, COMPLICIT, enslaved citizens to make their millions.

USE PROBIOTICS DAILY. They are readily available on Amazon and elsewhere Milk Thistle is great for liver cleansing and boycott processed and drive-thru food

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