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Keep Your T.V. Off as the Media Dials up Fake Fear

HEALTHCARE tuned into QI, not sick care using pills, surgery and constant mistakes

There are a mountain of studies proving that the emotion you hold in your mind controls your immune system. It is a matter of FACT that if you are happy, focused on what you love and taking care of yourself, your immune system is a mighty power to be reckoned with. No doctor, vaccine or tech can trump it. You don’t need them.

The original CV-2 was not a big deal and they lied about that too. Now they are lying harder about the variants because the DS know they are on their last legs. It’s all going down. One could conjecture, if they can’t accomplish ramping up the collective mindset to irrational fear and the negativity they’ll just use invisible poison gas on us, think again. And they aren’t allowed to start WWIII either. They’re running out of human slaves and human fodder on this prison planet. Humans are greatly valued for how we’ve evolved and they will not be allowed to end it. They will end. We will not.

The powers that be in the Universe, the GGLN, will stop them, just as they’ve stopped the nuclear weapons. The elite’s days are numbered and we will shortly have a new society that is tailored for humans to thrive and be in charge.

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