Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

I’m Accredited by the BBB, the Michigan Better Business Bureau

There is a big ole’ sticker on my front window as well.

I and my peers studied for four years or more to practice at the standard of the Naprapathic Doctors in Chicago and Ohio. To that end, we need our own license and education standards. Hopefully the BBB can help. WE DO NOT PRACTICE THE WAY M.T., P.T., or Chiropractors DO AND OUR TECHNIQUE IS UNIQUE. Neither are we Rolfers.

This is about better business and education of the public in Michigan. They need to know the difference between legitimate relaxation or esoteric massage, prostitution massage, P.T. manual therapy or Naprapathic Manual Therapy. And do the legitimate, helpful massage therapists want to be included under a massage therapy license that legitimizes prostitution? I don’t know. That is for them to answer and for the Governor to be aware.

They have a right to know what service they’re getting and how it will feel and the outcome. Everyone wants something different which is fine. But then we need different education and licensing and to use different names to do what we do.

Bodyworkers are called to be about LOVE and HEALING for at heart we are first and foremost children of God called to have children and nurture children and our families. Sexuality is great, of course, but it’s my personal belief that it belongs in the context of love, at least it does for me. These days that is a very, very long shot. In my office, my patients are safe. I have firm boundaries in place that are challenged often.

One last thing. The oldest profession in the world is not prostitution but motherhood. Anthropology has shown that mothers massaging and tending to their children is how massage began, not through giving sexual pleasure outside of an emotional or spiritual bond.

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