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Transference in My Practice

Please stay within yourself and breathe while you’re on the table. My QI is helping you release blockages but I’m not doing it for you

During a therapy session, it usually refers to a patient transferring their feelings about someone else onto their therapist. Counter-transference is when a therapist transfers feelings onto the patient which never happens in my office. I have very firm boundaries or my business would fold, especially as a body worker.

Transference is when a patient directs their feelings about one person that was or is in their personal life onto someone else, like a therapist who is not in their personal life and will not be despite any fantasy you may have to the contrary. It is very common in therapy.

The remedy is to respect the fact that I have a professional life and a private life. Most therapists do. While it’s true that we have time to chat while you’re on the table and we do so occasionally about my mom, sisters, and my son, I rarely discuss anyone I’m dating unless it’s a superficial comment.

In addition, I neither want nor need your opinion on my career track. I don’t want to be a P.T. and never have. They are not healers, can’t do Reiki or use infrared heat lamp, and take orders from a white coat. My skill oversteps a P.T. I have my own vision for my work and you should have your own vision for your work.

There is no chance I would date or allow myself to have feelings for an ACTIVE patient. Nor should you allow yourself to have attraction or feelings for me while you are an active patient. As an adult, you can control your feelings and appetites and I expect nothing less in my office. Also, I am not a dating service or someone to pull on to make your life less boring. The focus is healthcare and that is all.

Thank you. Lisa T.

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