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Your Body Needs Electrolytes; Sodium, Potassium, and Water.

But what happens is most people don’t get 4700mg of Potassium, 1800mg of Sodium, an essential mineral, and half of their body weight in ounces of water daily. Because they don’t get their electrolytes that fuel their electrons, they eat much sugar intead and have intense sugar cravings. Sugar isn’t going to solve your cellular energy problem. It’s just going to make you high and superficially happy for about 15 minutes. Been there done that. I was a sugar addict most of my life. I’m not anymore at all.

Glucose (a simple sugar that comes from food and drinks) does help with the absorption of electrolytes and makes it easier for them to do their various jobs but it is not a nitritional substitute for two essential minerals that doctors demonize and water which they rarely talk about. When consumed in the proper amounts though, electrolytes and sugar can work together to support optimal hydration.

What happens instead is diabetes type 2 which is completely due to lifestyle and FOOD choices. Then the doctors make a big kickback on insulin sales. People with diabetes type 2 make their own insulin in proper amounts when diet and exercise or activity are followed. My doctor tried to tell me my pancreas won’t work right anymore which is A LIE. How could my A1C be 6.0 after 3 months if I wasn’t making any insulin? And if I go one day without inulin, eating properly, my blood sugar is 103.

When you’re in high ketosis, which I am, your body needs the extra insulin to help the liver and kidney process all the fat you need to be burning by eating a proper calorie diet with the right nutrition. My body is being flooded with fat as energy and thus also estrogen which is stored in fat cells so I’m a furnace. Your body reads fat as sugar by the way.

Your nutrition needs to include…sodium and potassium! If you eat too many veggies, fruits, and beans AND DON’T SALT YOUR FOOD OR EAT OUT, your sodium is going to tank and you’ll faint. If you don’t eat potatoes, which my doctor foolishly told me not to eat, you miss 1000mg of potassium. Diabetics need to eat a red potato daily, not a russet. They are too high in starch.

The doctors are not trained in nutrition so you really need an app like to see EXACTLY what you are getting for nutrition instead of guessing. Guessing will get you nowhere.

If you eat enough sodium and potassium and drink water you will not crave sugar. I promise you. Google “high potassium foods”, salt your healthy food at home, eat out once in awhile, take a potassium supplement and get a burger. WE NEED SALT. Just not 3000mg a day. You cannot eat take out and processed food all day and be healthy. The app will tell you or you will be too thirsty because your body is trying to neutralize it.

Good luck and good eating.

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