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They’re Trying to Sell Expensive Ivermectin Now For Immune System Support

I just saw an ad for 10 pills for $78.00. It’s made from soybeans and glycine. Here are foods you can eat that contain glycine. Glycine is a vital amino acid protein for your body.

Well known, ancient immune support is;

  • Ashwaganda (NOW brand)
  • Sun Ten Immune Support which I sell in my office for $24.00 for 100 caps
  • Astragalus Root
  • Vitamin C
  • ZINC!!!!

And keep your anger, resentment, frustration and grief down. A negative mindset tanks your immune system no matter how many herbs you take. Emotions and the mind are extremely powerful. Learn how to breathe and center in your body if you feel your pulse or BP going up.

In this society, you have to have a daily joy/self-care go-to that is honest. For me it’s Nitro cold brew, espresso, 70% dark chocolate, writing and stretching and I get centered pretty quick. Next is playing Bill Evan on the piano.

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