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Court Permanently Blocks Biden Administration’s Transgender Mandate


Another perspective on this is healthcare practitioner rights. As a bodyworker, there is no way I’d let a patient demand a service from me that I deemed unethical, like nude spa massage with oil. Do patients feel they should be able to demand that from a P.T.? They have their hands on people all day, sometimes skin of an extremity, sometimes not.

Then why do people call me asking for a massage? My website makes my boundaries clear. I am a Naprapathic Manual therapist and do the same thing only focused and draped on an area, different painfree technique and Reiki, plus an infrared heat lamp. P.T. have none of that.

There is NO massage or effleurage in medical bodywork. There should be none in a P.T. or D.C. office either, even clothed.

Just because a professional is doing bodywork to reduce pain doesn’t mean the patient has the right to cross boundaries and turn it into attempted sexual/emotional touch and start dysfunctio al transference. But many do, often, because people are emotionally and sexually messed up by our culture and their upbringing, touch deprived. They have no relationship skills, both women and men or because they are closet gay or bi.

Healthcare needs to be completely reformed with regard to a healthy attitude toward the body. Peoples mimds are completely littered with drugs, surgery, and non bonded sex or relationship necause of family subconscious trauma. And now Biden also wants to superglue covid19 policies in all Healthcare settings. Maybe they should just line up allopathic healthcare practitioners and shoot them if that’s the way they feel about us.

Biden is way into transhumanism. I think their aim is to replace all healthcare practitioners with A.I. robots while Musk brainchips everyone. That’s the short of it with regard to Biden’s motivation for all of his mandates on us.

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