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Gordon Chang on Virus Explosion in China, Xi Jinping Losing Control, and CCP Gearing Up for War


This is very tragic. Because of the lockdowns and masking from the beginning in China, these folks have no natural immunity as we do in the west. It’s a good thing millions of us resisted the government and State mandates that were against our own immune systems, and we did not mask, did not lock down, did not get a vax and accepted hate mail and censorship because we trust our own bodies and k ew what to do.

It is the height of irony that with all I just listed, I used exceptional Chinese herbs that saved me. I got very sick in NOVEMBER 2019 and knew it was not normal. No one knew what it was.

It proves that not only do we need natural medicine but we need each other and for the government and big pharma to stay the heck out of our bodies!

Take your power and educate yourself.


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