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Invest In a Wok Folks

If you use Amazon it will come to your door. Then buy sesame oil, bok choy, and red pepper flakes at the grocery store just for starters. Portabella mushrooms are also full of potassium and of course red potatoes. I eat these alone or with melted cheese. So yummy and my blood sugar and weight plummet. Protein and complex carbs are great for us. Nuts are FULL of nutrients but also fat calories so keep it to 1/4 cup a day. WE NEED FATS! O lyrics a bit of saturated though. Olive and avocado oil are best.

In order to get enough potassium and sodium and make it delicious, you need to make stir fry with a foundation of bok choy which has a potassium level of a whopping 1261mg in 2 cups. Add 2 tsp. of soy sauce and you get your sodium without hitting the drive thru or canned foods.

Yes, your body has to have salt so don’t demonize it. The truth is, if you eat whole fresh food, cook, and rarely eat drive thru your sodium can tank which will cause heart trouble like arrhythmia. Sodium and potassium conduct electricity in your body to keep your heart beating. We’re our own little power station you see without plugging into a socket. TRUTH! Food is our fuel.

Vegans are preaching that veggies have all the protein and fat you need. Ok. Let’s see. Plug what you eat into app and prove it. Be sure and set realistic nutrient levels for weight and height. That app tracks ALL of the nutrients on the foods you eat so you can see where you are way over or way under on nutrients which will cause illness or bone/muscle trouble.

Every vegan I know ends up filling in calorie holes with processed sugar or alcohol. Nope. Not healthy. If you are eating all the nutrients you need you will mot crave sugar which is also alcohol. Alcohol is VERY high in sugar and calories and completely non-nutrient, like cake.

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