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Nociceptive and Iatrogenic so-called medical treatment

Absolutely not.

It means a medical practitioner who believes that causing you and your body more pain and trauma is good for you. These folks may have a personal guilt complex like the extreme Catholic cult of Opus Dei that whips themselves. I’m just conjecturing to the extreme.

We live in a culture that programs people to suffer, hurt themselves, and die. It’s the main thing we believe in America and its addiction. Any addiction is a slow suicide and it is viral. I don’t like it, but I accept it and see it all the time. It’s 3D clenching, “this is all there is,” atheist thinking.

My patients, who are this way, are always putting out etheric emotional cords looking for parenting from me or more. Their parents weren’t nurturing or worse they’ve told me, or were rich or poor and very materialistic. My two wealthiest patients are this way. I’m not a counselor and have strict boundaries, but they surely have a lot of stress.

The most recent medical treatment causing harm, or iatrogenic, is getting four Covid vaxx and virtue signaling feeling self righteous about it because you’re doing as you’re told by the mainstream media and willing to die for it. That’s how society holds together, right? More suffering. Not.

The opposite of extreme pain causing nociceptive treatment is healing. There is such a thing as a good hurt and a bad hurt. Sometimes, you have to speak up and let the practitioner know where your limits are. Everyone is different.

Covid19 can be prevented or healed with herbs or lifestyle. I knew that in November 2019 and did just that for myself when I had it before anyone knew what it was. I received 3 hate mails from former patients.

Sun Ten Herbs are super high quality and work great!
Time is DNA. Check out my book on Amazon. Type in Lisa K. Townsend and all of my books will come up.
I first bought and read this in 1989 in Chicago before I trained in Reiki. I’ve been on the healers path since 1988.

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