Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki Grand Rapids

How is Deep Tissue Manual Therapy Different From Deep Tissue Massage?

I usually use joint mobilization with subscapularis and Lat attachment work as well as a heat lamp. It’s a neglected area but not difficult for trained manual therapists to treat.

I am trained in Deep Tissue Manual Therapy, not massage therapy. Nor do I do massage therapy. Nor do I have a certificate in Massage therapy. My Certificate is in Naprapathic Manual Therapy and that is what I do in my office in addition to Reiki. I will outline the difference for potential clients.

  1. I use no oil during the treatment. I only use it after as a healing liniment; usually viscous castor oil. If you use oil on the tissue and go deep you can seriously injure a client and it hurts. Slipping and sliding deeply on a muscle should not be legal. It’s nociceptive treatment meaning “causing pain” in an injurious way. Manual Therapy done correctly feels good and creates a deep relaxation releasing endogenous opioids; dopamine, enkephlins, serotonin and more.
  2. I have four years of Holistic training. Massage therapists are only required to have 600 hours in the State of MI. Some might have 1200 hours.
  3. I don’t do full body spa massage with oil. I work medically on specific areas that have been trouble for you that no one has been able to relieve. I can do 3 areas, 20 minutes each in an hour. I’ll do one area in 30 minutes. I’ll do 2 areas in 45 minutes. My technique efficiently gets the deep blood moving because I’m focused on it with a heat lamp so you feel better after one treatment. However, it usually takes 5 treatments to remedy the situation as long as it’s acute and not chronic. If it’s an old situation and chronic we have to assess and see. I have discount cash plans that are far more affordable than health insurance payments, co-payments or surgery. There is no comparison. Holistic medicine is the most cost effective and effective healing treatment there is. But you have to take care of yourself on your time. There’s the rub for most people and it’s extremely costly to society to expect the white coats to do it all for you.
  4. I use a soft hand, glued to the tissue with Reiki to move the blood or qi at the joint and sometimes in the belly. I never use massage technique and don’t even know what they’re teaching people these days. No platforms hands, no pointed thumbs. I use a FLAT hand, flat thumb, double handed flat compression, wringing of the joint, Naprapathic bony level stretch, no bone/joint adjusting and more.
  5. I always use draping and only have the patient disrobe as necessary. Truth be told I can do the treatment fully clothed if they prefer but it does make it easier with draping. There is no nudity without draping in my office.
  6. The patient gets ready and onto the table when I’m out of the room. I don’t stand there and watch them
  7. I use an infrared heat lamp, Chinese cupping, a thermaphore if necessary or an ice pack if necessary.
  8. I send a follow up email with information for my patients to take take care of themselves at home. I never encourage DEPENDENCY on my treatments. I teach empowerment in the body to my patients. Most of my patients, after I see them, I never see them again because they are better. Some of my patients have chosen a chronically stressful lifestyle and then I do see them more.
  9. I know how to pick up a limb, test it and treat it.
  10. I do manual traction if necessary.
  11. I can read an MRI or Radiograph report and would happily talk to your doctor if you want me to.

If you’re just looking for touch therapy, relaxation spa massage is best. But I don’t recommend deep tissue massage with OIL at all. It could hurt you. If you want deep tissue therapy and have chronic pain from muscle injury or sport you need to see me. Consumer beware out there with massage therapists who use oil. It’s not the therapists fault. The schools they go to teach faulty technique because Muscles and soft tissue are not taken seriously as a medical condition in our culture. It needs to be…yesterday. The muscle is dominant as a tissue in the body; not bone, not disc, not nerves, not organs. Muscle and blood need to be the first line of treatment and diagnosis in health care. It’s a very big deal.

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