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chakras-light body

We are sitting right in the middle of the paradigm shift and most of us can feel it. We see the Earth changing, it has changed. We are changing too.

Our body and everything that happens on Earth is believed to be MATERIAL and DENSE because that’s the way it feels to our touch. Our mind is believed to be disembodied and our spirit is believed to be like a ghost or an aspect of our soul. None of that is correct by quantum physics estimation though. I just re-watched a pretty good video of Michael Talbot talking about this.

The purpose of the Spiritual movement and holism (which are my line of work) is to bring real science that is the combination of intuitive and rational facts to bear on health and emotions. That’s why I work in healthcare and time science research. Ifind this arena challenging.

 We’re living in a type of simulation, a holographic reflection of another reality that is etheric and astral as TIME. There is quite a bit of solid research and proof backing this up and I agree with what I’ve read. This is also the case when working on the body. Your body is made of intentional QI set in motion by your mind. Your QI or your blood is just the vibration of your thoughts and feelings. Otherwise, physics has proven that cells are mostly empty space. Next time you get tired of your life you might want to ponder the fact that the real spirit you is not really here; only part of you is here, projected into an Earth body for a short time to learn more soul lessons in Earth School.

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