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What is weight?

On Earth, the weight of the body (like any other object) is given by Newton’s laws as mass times gravitational acceleration (w = m * g). That is, the weight of an object is determined by the pull of gravity on it. The weight of a body is not determined by the density of its fat, muscle, organs, or blood. That is because MASS is 99% empty space.

What makes us appear dense, even though we are not, is the frequency at which our cells are spinning which on average is 60,000 miles per second. πŸ€”

When you start to consider that atoms are about 99% space and they make up 100% of the universe, you can start to see everything is made up of a certain frequency of vibration.

Every human on planet Earth is made up of millions and millions of atoms which all are 99% space. But each person is creating a specific electromagnetic vibration that interacts with gravity and creates their weight.

We are electromagnetic frequency or energy that responds to gravity so we are not nothing. If we were nothing we wouldn’t be here or visible. But we are fat more than is apparent to our physical eyes and that takes us past the five senses to the 12 senses or psychic senses of the etheric mind


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