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Microorganisms in the Gut Decide How Well Your Body Fights Cancer (Part 6)

Your gut is your second brain or the reversal point for your grounding consciousness. Humans have an upward flow and downward flow of Qi to keep our ELM energy stuck to earth.

Our intention and desire to be in the body comes from above, travels down with intention, and symbiotically ties us to Earth’s gravity like a plug in a light socket, the prongs being your feet.

The gut and reproductive area plug us in and process food, feelings, sex and babies. It’s extremely human for our evolution. Not every species is like us.

Your food does matter as well as elimination, but your feelings are the mind of the gut and are processed in chakra 2. Also, feelings about your family, the Dan tien or ancestral qi, are right below the navel.

Process your feelings and your food for good health.

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