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Top US Hospital: For Every Vaccine Dose, Rate of COVID-19 Infection Goes Up

Must see.

Amazing proven failure of the covid vaccine. The more shots people got, the higher the infection rate. March 2020, I said ABSOLUTELY NO VACCINE and got hate emails from 3 patients and kicked off of most social media.

Holistic thinking was correct from the beginning, in 2020. But, when humans really want a way off the planet and no longer believe in their bodies, God, or life itself because they were programmed by the TV and society not to, they obey. I lost faith in humanity.

They are successful at self-destruction or self-healing if they choose and obey those who profit from evil.

So be it.

In my office, we are about empowerment, life, and REAL ITELLIGENCE. I ask for a BAN on AI in human society, on Word Press, on MS, Google, everywhere.

Nature wins. Evolution and healing the normal slow way wins. Humans will continue despite the onslaught.

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