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Opioid Profit

Did ya see the news last night?  The drug company that makes oxycontin, which IS addictive, made a profit of two billion dollars last year. But they’re going to correct their ways now that the American public’s health is decimated because they don’t have a f….. clue about how healing really works.

The mind folks.  Your blood. Your thought and feeling habits. Your breath.  That’s where healing lies. The fact is, YOUR BLOOD contains more powerful healing chemicals and energies than anything that their bottles could possibly provide you.

Holistic practitioners have been saying this for actually thousands of years and there are myriad reasons why we’ve lost our way with our bodies in the U.S. It’s summed up in greed and materialism, which leads to prostitution massage and the usage of women, and then we follow along out of sheer exhaustion, fear and ignorance.

Give any holistic practitioner a try and DO YOUR PART for yourself. Do what they ask you to do at home, for yourself.  Using holistic medicine, you have to get a handle on your habits, your feelings, and your mind.  YOU CAN DO IT!  I did it! I wasn’t raised holistically at all and now my life has been saved and made better because I live a holistic life. My story is in my book “Healer”.

Take care!

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