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Functional Scoliosis

I was working with two clients concurrently who had functional scoliosis. One is seeing a chiropractor after I loosened all the soft tissue adhesions and the other one is seeing a Physical Therapist. After I worked on them, you could visually see how different their backs looked. They looked better and felt better because the tissue was aligned.

But both of their spines moved markedly after I worked on releasing the rock hard tissue by degrees; more curvature. Now, why is that? Because BONE FOLLOWS MUSCLE. The muscle adjacent to the curvature is WEAK. It was worse before I worked on it because it was contracted which means the circulation of blood was very reduced.  There is nothing good about that, at all. The reason the muscle became injured and out of alignment in the first place and thus the spine itself is BECAUSE the muscle was weak or weakened by trauma. This health condition is SO overlooked in our health care system, it drives me nuts. The muscles cause the most pain too and then patients are over-prescribed and surgically worked on.

Now, the next step after tissue release that is absolutely essential is specific muscle strengthening of those muscles. The question could be asked, why did those particular muscles contract so badly (injured) in the first place? Sport, manual labor, accident. It could be a number of things. It helps to put the pieces together to remember so that you can also release the emotion and thoughtform of the trauma. That sends signals directly to your cells. We’ve got hard lab data on that. I posted on my blog called “Intuition UP” about “The Molecules of Emotion”. You might want to look that up here on WordPress.

It’s important to realize that bones do not need to be treated when they are out of alignment. The tissue needs to be treated and then strengthened. That’s why Professional Manual Therapists and Physical Therapists should be in the same office working together. Yes, P.T. does a certain amount and type of manual therapy but it’s by no means the same as Naprapathic manual therapy. Besides, it could be a win/win situation to split the duties and share! We don’t do the same thing and we haven’t trained the same way so there should be no territorial issue.

What is best for the patient?  With a seriously deteriorating disease like scoliosis, it is best to decrease their pain by increasing deep blood flow and avoid surgery.  I reduced both of my patients’ pain level to zero by increasing deep circulation. I’m guessing there will be some muscle soreness and pain though with the strengthening, which is to be expected. Nevertheless, that could be decreased too with the manual therapy and reiki being done next to the P.T. workout.

When it comes to functional scoliosis braces, surgery, and forcing the bone are not the remedy.  Increasing blood flow to the muscle and then strengthening the muscle that HOLDS UP THE SPINE is.

scoliosis posterior crooked and straight


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