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What I’ve Learned Treating Functional Scoliosis

Your toned muscle holds all of your bones in proper alignment. Your muscles cannot be toned if they are injured, or contracted (tight). I’ve known that for twenty years. There is no amount of force that will align your bones without pain if your muscles are very tight/contracted. In addition, it makes no difference if your bones are aligned.  What matters is that your TISSUE is aligned and strong. When that happens, your bones will follow, they’ll align and be strong. Every medical doctor will back me up on that.

I released all of the tissue next to my patient’s spines. Their backs looked totally different when I was done. They both presented with severe cases of functional scoliosis.  However, neither of them exercised and toned the newly released soft tissue and I didn’t make them. I didn’t say, “Now I can release this tissue and bring your pain to zero but it’s your toned muscle that will bring the bone/spine straight.”

It’s my issue as a practitioner that sometimes I feel if I ask too much of a patient, to do for themselves, they’ll walk out and not come back. A patient tends to feel like they’re paying you to correct or fix the problem “for them” and as a caring practitioner, I certainly want you to feel better or I fail.  But I can’t MAKE your muscles strengthen for you. Strong muscles that are used and active are a HUGE piece of decreasing pain, increasing blood flow, preventing injury and keeping bones healthy. Are you willing to take care of yourself?

All I can do is get the tissue to zero. You can walk in with a level 10 contraction and pain through the roof and I can release ALL of it; I promise you. It won’t be quick, but I can. I can release it quicker than the time it took you to put it there. What I cannot do is what I said above, and it is a strong, toned, aligned muscle that will make your spine straight if indeed it is meant to be.  I have to believe that your spine can be straight but it takes more than just full tissue release. That’s what I’ve learned.

Still, that’s pretty good. At least I can contribute a piece of you getting better. Another practitioner will have to help you do the rest.

Give me a call if you need deep tissue released.  Lisa; 616-328-4242

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