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Treating Depression that Leads to Addiction or Vice Versa

I believe addiction overall is self-medicating for depression. People self-medicate all the time instead of seeing a doctor or professional to find out what the problem is and then getting proper treatment. In this case, the underlying condition is depression or unstable brain chemistry and thus body chemistry is out of alignment. It cannot be blamed on genetics as genetic determinism is dead. It can, however, be attributed to subconscious programming from your parents, in utero and from ages 0-5. That is the very likely culprit. If you were raised around alcohol, it feels like home to you. In my case, it wasn’t alcohol it was baked goods. Wheat and sugar are detrimental addictions too that is very unhealthy. The Amish and the other Christian communities get a buzz from that and it’s no better! Both substances are high in calories and ravage the body if overused.

But it is possible that the body and its alignment are so off that you crave the substance first, such as alcohol and then the alcoholism leads to depression. For instance, it has been shown that an imbalance of the amino acid tryptophan, as well as taurine, are responsible for alcohol craving. It is up to a professional practitioner to decide which is the foundation pathology. It seems to me a simple start would be a high protein diet and low or no processed carbohydrates; only complex ones.

The other natural treatment that is likely to be coming onto the market soon for severe depression is magic mushrooms or psilocybin. They were just fast-tracked for research by the FDA a few days ago. I don’t trust the FDA, but some people think it’s a step forward. Best of luck to them.

Psilocybin Therapy

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  1. I think it is far too early (and indeed cynical) to write off psilocybin as a cure for depression. And the drug is non-addictive (except perhaps in the psychological sense). However my personal experience of microdosing is that so far at least it has not doe a great deal for me.

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