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Paying Cash for Healthcare-Simplified

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It is not a huge profit boon to private doctors and hospitals to be waiting to be paid by your health insurance company. They are in no better position with the insurance companies than we are. We all know from dealing with any type of our own insurance that insurance companies are FOR PROFIT, as are health insurance companies, and it is their policy to NOT pay your claim if they can get away with it, even though they’ve been taking your premium monthly.

In other words, every insurance company is happy to take your monthly premium and give you nothing in return if they can leverage the law in their favor which they do with paid lobbyists at the state and federal level. Of course, they do pay many claims but you are also charged an exorbitant deductible in addition to your monthly premium if you actually use the insurance. They are profiting handsomely from your fear and ignorance about your own body, as well as fear of death. In addition, the possibility that should you decide to hold on to your cash and put it in your OWN health savings account, that you wouldn’t actually spend it on taking care of yourself but something frivolous like Christmas presents or going to the Bahamas instead. To be safe, you better give it to them, wink wink. As though they are your parents and you the child.

It IS legal for you to stash cash in your bank for healthcare. No one is going to arrest you. Imagine how much money you’d have that you don’t give to the health insurance company. Once you start putting that money in there, watch it pile up and realize that you were giving that pile to them before. Then you have to find your own holistic doctor, an N.D. or D.O. and manual therapist to help you maintain your soft tissue which in turn will maintain your bones. You also need to buy healthy food and start some exercise plus use herbs. They prefer cash, as we all do. I am a cash practice and most holistic practitioners are. I get paid right away which helps me keep my costs down.

Cash is gender-free. Cash is empowering. Cash is what everyone wants. Cash needs to be the dominant form of payment in the healthcare industry and then everything we purchase will be on a level playing field.

What happens if you go to the doctor or the hospital, if you don’t have insurance, is that in order to get paid, the hospital has to haggle/negotiate with you on the actual price you’ll pay them. The reason for this is their high prices are set up to gouge the health insurance companies. Everyone pays more if there is a health insurance company in the middle. It is likely that the hospital’s normal fee will come down 90% or so and then they hope to get the whole thing paid quickly.

Cash patients do not and will not pay the same for services as a patient with health insurance. If you are a patient with health insurance you are going to get ripped off in the biggest way possible and it’s not all that likely that your health insurance company will pay the hospital or another service.

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